Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moved by the moment

Thank you, Amber Shumake, from the depths of my soul.....

Tight lipped, jaw locked,
you move through each motion

You wait for the pose to pass,
the class to end;
for the fun stuff to come,
and life to begin.

But what if you opened your mouth,
expanded your breath,
let expectation go?

What if you let yourself go?

Let yourself be moved by the beauty of the moment.
This one.
That one -
yep, the beautiful one that just passed.
Nope, it won’t ever be here again.
It’s gone.

Gone like your children’s hold-me-closer days.
Gone like your mother’s health.
Gone like your marriage’s teenage-love-affair ways.

But, this one here -
feel it.
Breathe it in.
Bask in it.
Ah, yes,
isn’t it beautiful?

You can’t feel it?
Your core avoids your stubborn ways?
It takes time to reconnect with what you so long ago shut down.
See your thigh that won’t stop shake shake shaking.
Let that motion move you, perhaps even break you.
Stop waiting for what’s next.
What if what you’re waiting for never comes to pass?
Waste no more time waiting.

Be here now.
With me.
With you.
With every moment in between.


Moved by the Moment.

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