Sunday, June 17, 2012

Damn. I miss my Dad.

                                                    James A. McGill

Someday, I will write down what my Dad was to me, who I think he was to others, and why it was important that he lived.

For today, I have a heavy heart, full of love and gratitude, and also the loss of a very kind man who never once got angry at me, or reprimanded me, who loved my siblings and me unconditionally, and took us on a lot of adventures.

I could use some time with my Dad today. I'd be so grateful for his calmness, and easy smile. I'd ask him to explain the riddles I am searching to answer. He would smile and say, it's all easier than you think. Don't get so heavy. Let it go. And I would listen.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. xoxox

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Legend is In. Annie Leibovitz.

It's funny. I woke up this morning, and thought of Irving Penn, the great and legendary photographer. I was thinking of what a kind and gentle man he was. I was lucky enough to work with him for Vogue in the early 80's, and met his wife, the remarkable Lisa Fonssagrives, too.  He once sent me a small photograph of Joe Lewis, which I treasure.

Mr. Penn, although revered for his work with human subjects, loved to photograph still life, and toward the end of his career, did a lot of that, as did Hiro, and others in that strata.

Lisa Fonssagrives Penn-

Still life- Irving Penn-

The incredible Paul Outerbridge Jr., a master of early tri-color carbro printing, also loved still life. This is one of his early works-

Paul Outerbridge-

Back to this morning...

I came across this great article on famed portrait artist, Annie Leibovitz.

Very few artists earn the title "Legend", while they are still alive. Annie Leibovitz is one of the them.
As did Georgia O'Keefe, Picasso, and most other great artists before her, Ms. Leibovitz is constantly expanding, refining her expression. She is shifting focus. As always,  everything she does tells a story..

Please click here for the article-

 Early Leibovitz...1980. The day John Lennon was killed.

 Annie Leibovitz. From her new book, Pilgrimage-