Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beautiful Clothes Are Architecture.

I have previously written* about the costumes in Madonna's film, "W.E." They are magnificent. I guess I have more to say...

After writing yesterday's post, "CHANEL- The Making of The Black Jacket", and watching the video, I decided to revisit "W.E."

Besides telling a story, "W.E." is an homage to great haute couture.

I loved every frame of the film, I loved the photographs in Vanity Fair, I loved seeing the actual costumes in the exhibit at FIDM in Los Angeles. It was all magic.

I envy (in the best way possible way) Arianne Philips her great, good fortune of being part of this project, and her luck in working with the great houses of Balenciaga, Vionnet, Mainbocher, Valentino, Christian Dior and Schiaparelli. Ms. Phillips was nominated for Best Costume at the Academy Awards. She should have won, hands down. Maybe nobody wanted to vote for Madonna, that's all I can conclude.

Beautiful clothes are architecture. The way they are built is very similar. Haute couture is an art form, in the truest sense. The craftspeople behind the designers are like surgeons. Although it is vanishing, because the world is changing, I continue to be awed...

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* search this site 8/12/11-Wallace and Edward

Friday, May 25, 2012

CHANEL- The Making of The Black Jacket

I love all things Chanel, but this video is brilliant. Bravo, Coco! Your innate sense of perfection lives on...

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


felicity |fəˈlisətē| noun ( pl. -ties)
1 intense happiness
2 the ability to find appropriate expression for one's thoughts
3 an instance of this.
4 a source of happiness.

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French felicite, from Latin felicitas, from felix, felic- ‘happy.’

People often tell me that they like my musings, that they feel like I am talking to them in my posts.

That makes me happy, because I am talking to you, whoever you are. You somehow found this blog, and I am speaking to you. That's why I called it a narrative. But, it is also a dialogue.

Most of you write to me privately, not on this site. So, I keep our conversations private.

Sometimes people ask me how to write a blog, should they write one, nervous that they might be not good enough to write, or inadequate, or whatever inner/outer critic is running in their head.

I say, WRITE. Get it down. If other people like, feel, appreciate, respond, laugh or are made to think by what you have to say, all the better. You have been of service in some way.

If nobody reads it, you have served yourself. Your creative self. You hold the title to your soul.

Yes, yes, I've heard that critical thought that everybody and their sister writes a blog. So what? Forget that kind of thinking or listening. It's a stop. Stops are the enemy of growth.

Many of the successful, booming blogs have a lot of determination, and often financial and technical support behind them, but not all. Some people write in their kitchens, without support, in between the moments of their very busy lives.

The common strings are the wish to create, to communicate, to help, and to be heard. You pick your audience by what you write. Maybe it's enough that you hear yourself.

As in anything, I always say, "Great! Go! Try!" I think everyone should try to open up and let their heart fly, which is what happens when you are happy and creating something. Anything. Mud pies. Music. Artwork. Writing. Creative cooking. Singing on a hike.  Go down to Color My World and paint a plate. Who cares what anyone else thinks? (Although I would ask you to pay attention to who those people are, and question why you keep them around. But, that's another post.)

The thing is to try.

Inner pilot light. Inside job.

Find your smile. You can do it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun. More than just a concept.

I've spent a lot of time lately, (actually, since I was a tiny tot), wondering why are we here? There are a billion viewpoints on that, and I have reviewed many of them, but I think an important one is to remember to have fun.

Too simple?

Not really. People have spent eons trying to get back to simplicity of life, self, soul.  Solving the meaning of life is the oldest of searches.

One thing is basic. The simple pleasures are the real treasures.

We work all week, all year, all of our lives, practically, toward that goal of having some time off.


What about living our lives that way?

How about these goals in the everyday of living?

What's fun for me?
How do I get it?
How do I stay there?

It's not money. There is a lot of no money fun.

It's not things. Things are only useful if you use them.  Hopefully, to have fun.

How about the idea that fun is whatever it is makes you feel closer to your truth?

What if your inner dialogue changed? What if you could turn around your way of thinking, start to change your form? What if you were as nice to yourself as you are to the waiter?

How would that feel?

What if your little spark of light passed on to the next person, and they passed it along, and there was some real joy spreading across the air, rather than just noise and cars, and people running somewhere in the hopes of one day stopping to take a breath to have a laugh or maybe, God knows, have some fun?

I know the difference between happy and not happy. I know it's an inside job. And I know it's our job to pass it along.

Life isn't a Disney movie, but it your choice to live in in the best way you can. So, chin up, heart open, think of something that makes your really happy.

Now, go take a moment and be there. Feel it. Mmmmmm. Yep.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Anything that says BIRKIN is going to have style......

Hermès Vert Bengale Epsom Birkin 40

Personally, I wouldn't buy one. Too much good could be done with that money. But, it is pretty, isn't it?