Saturday, November 26, 2011

Prada Spring 2012

Ahhh. To be young, pretty, facing forward and free.......Prada. Spring 2012. Heaven!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Artist

I went to an Academy screening of this film tonight. "The Artist." Really loved it. It had pieces of every great black & white film, really such a treat to see it.

Charlie Chaplin's granddaughters were there to support for the film. The director said whenever he was feeling doubtful about taking on such a difficult project in terms of selling it, he would go into his room, and watch "City Lights"- a Chaplin classic.

The lead actress and actor were such a joy to watch. Fantastic chemistry. The sets, the humor, the music, THE DOG! Who has ever seen such a love story between a man and his dog like this one? If we had more films and more actors like this in America, there would never be a shortage of audiences.

My friend Michael (who invited me), is the producer of some classic films, many of them favorites of mine: Young Frankenstein, Quest For Fire, My Favorite Year, to name a few. List goes on and on. We went to talk to the director later. Other than Michael, there haven't been many- or any- people making silent (Quest For Fire) or black and white (Young Frankenstein) films for, oh, about 80 years.

The director was a delight. Really smart, super funny, great dry wit, it was a pleasure to watch his face when Michael invited him to lunch with himself and Mel Brooks. This is a tradition Michael and Mel have had every Friday for 20 or 30 years, along with Paul Mazursky, Alan Ladd Jr., Dick Donner, and the occasional  guest. What fun it must have been for this young filmmaker to be invited to that table. Both Mel and Paul are scholars of art and music, and obviously film, so the discussions are something anyone would want to be part of.

We spoke to Harvey Weinstein on the way out. I thanked him for bringing this film to America. Actually, he backed the film, and MADE it in America. Hollywood, to be exact. Thank goodness those brothers have a love of film. They have brought us so many of the great ones.  They invested a tremendous amount of money on the bet that people would appreciate this brilliant offering.

I hope they're right. I'd back this horse. It's a champion. And it'll really make you SMILE.

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