Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Bunnyween

I am normally a fan of Patricia Field. Have been from way back when she had her little store in the West Village. (I say normally, because I did write a critique on the unfortunate debacle that was Sex and The City 2.)

Here, again, she makes me smile. A bit of funny bunny.

If you loathe Halloween, as I do, it's not easy to get interested. I live in Los Angeles. There's a guy at the corner of my street dressed as Jesus everyday. Robe, long hair, everything. Odd is the norm here. Personally, I'm not interested in viewing anyone else's inner freak.

This year in West Hollywood, I'm not sure who will be the most seen personality. Each year it tends to be the biggest new story of the moment. I'm pretty sure we won't see too many of these bunnyheads, but it would be really funny to see a lot of them together.

Nothing like cotton candy on your head to bring a smile to your face, courtesy of Ms. Field.


While it would be great on top of anything, I might put it on one of these guys...

I figure, if you're going, go large. I think people who wear regular clothes, and just throw on a tiara or some hat and scarf, are lazy and boring.

Here is what we're sure to see a lot of in WeHo on Halloween- every girl's (and boy's) dream..

The fun part is that here they'll all be worn by big, hairy men. Hmm, maybe I will walk down to the parade, after all...