Thursday, June 9, 2011

Decorating 1.0

I don't normally venture into the realm of decorating.  I love looking at some of it, but it's not my area of expertise. There are enough people out there doing that. I will, occasionally, post reference to someone whose style or artistic viewpoint I appreciate.

I came across something today which I felt was worth passing along. It's a tool for change. It's free for you to use, and will help you plan your space, and make it more yours.

It's pretty great. Click on the link below.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where You Start Is With You


                          IMAGINATION IS A                                SUPERPOWER ALL OF US POSSESS

-(Kasey McMahon, artist.

I love this.

We honor those who have accessed their imaginations and gone on to share great stories, music, art, film, science.We marvel at the freedom of it.

Now, it's your turn. Find your power. Set forth on the wonderful, boundless carpet ride of your own imagination.

Where you start is with you.  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Never Dull Your Shine For Someone Else

             NEVER DULL YOUR SHINE  FOR     
                             SOMEONE ELSE.

                           Never. Ever. Ever.

 Tyra Banks said it. Now, there's a girl you wouldn't want to cross the wrong way...because she's right. Say what you want about her shows, but she got them up and running, in spite of her detractors, when a million wannabes did not.

Unless you were incredibly lucky, and had doting, completely focused parents and supporters your entire life, and were born with the glorious gift of not knowing the word NO, then you will probably, like the rest of the world, have to summon up that power from within, and be your own cheerleader. You'll also have to learn how to keep the spears out, while not living with a shield up.

I've written posts about this before. Women who can't bear another person's inner light, so they have to dig away at it... often while smiling and complimenting. Men who simply need to degrade so they feel empowered. Maybe there are destructive people you have to work with, ones you would never, ever invite to your dinner table.

FORGET THEM. They are, truly, the not quite bright.

Try to find a way, each day, to spark some of the simple joy you might not even remember is in there. Create something- no matter how small- outside of your regular responsibilities. It's your right to choose what is creative to you.

The sun shines within. You heart wants to be warm. That's why most people like the simple beauty of babies and animals. They are pure of heart, and their innocent radiance gives us a brief respite from what we do to each other.

Often, we hear, "take a walk".  Even the most Western thinking AMA doctors will tell you that. Nature, the great soul cleanser. Look outside, and it will take you inside, back to your better self.

Enjoy your mini vacation. It'll make you stronger, and keep the vultures at bay.