Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday in the rain.....

It's raining in Los Angeles today. Fantastic for many of us who live here. A change. It feels like a season. Everything gets a new start. Spring is coming...

Then, there's the other side. Lately, I've come across a lot of people wondering where we are going, where they are going, what's ahead, what if, all that. A lot of emotional turmoil. There is worry and uncertainty in people's minds and hearts.

I think about these things, too. What If I'd zigged instead of zagged, here or there? Certainly in my personal life I've made some fumbles, as well as some great wins.

What if I had married that really great guy? What if I'd gone to design school, instead of learning on the job? What if I had stayed in New York, instead of moving West? What if I hadn't had to put my casting career aside to marry the rotter? What if I hadn't gone home that weekend to visit my Dad, and had the great luck of spending his last moments with him? What if I had never dared get on that plane for Paris, which opened my eyes and senses to a wonderful new world of experiences? What if I hadn't said yes, and missed out on that incredible time in New York? What if I hadn't seen all those different countries and cultures? What if I hadn't had my remarkable mother and sister? What if I never had brothers? What if I'd been born with a physical impairment? What if I'd never understood the connection between animals and humans? What if, what if, what if?

The truth is, we never know. Each thing is a lesson, for better or worse, best to forge on and grow from it.

I'm sitting by my window in a comfortable chair, bundled in a cashmere blanket, with the window quite open, fresh air coming in, yet I'm not cold. Comforting music on, my beautiful kitty sleeping over on the bed, hopefully dreaming of butterflies and rainbows, as she should be. Watching her, so pure and innocent, makes me grateful. There is so much to be learned by watching animals and children. This is the fortunate life, as hard as it may seem some days.

I'm not big on self pity in myself or others. After a short time of allowing myself to wallow in the waah- waahs, I'm over it. I get sick of thinking about my what ifs, and it becomes obvious that there is big world of beings out there who could use a leg up. Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to wake us up. Sometimes it takes a deranged idiot driving his truck into a Federal building. We have to pick ourselves up and reach out to others.

I feel for my friends, and those I don't know, who are struggling. The people in Japan, the people in Libya, the mothers, the fathers, all of the displaced animals. It's hard. It's heartbreaking.

I hope that they will get to see the spring and some relief soon, but I know for so many there is no spring, no future ahead. It's hard to comprehend. and harder to deal with.

My wish is that each of us, even though some of us have tremendous struggles, can look beyond that and find a way to reach out in whichever way we can to help even one other. If it's people you care about most, try to reach out and help one. If it's animals, try to help one. Help a neighbor. They don't always ask. It will build. In the end, it will lift us all up.

To donate to the Red Cross:

Donate to the Red Cross

To donate to The Animal Rescue Fund. 100% of your money goes directly to help:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vanishing Act - Lapham’s Quarterly

Ahhhhh! The most astounding find, thanks to a writer friend, Allison Burnett, who is both brainy and well read.

This article is on a child prodigy, a stunning young genius of a writer who went strangely missing... Barbara Newhall Follett. Her book was published when she was 12 years old.

The article is riveting, compelling, almost blinding because of it's brilliant subject. Unfortunately, the actual book is almost unattainable, (although it can be found for many hundreds of dollars), but there are excerpts of it in the article. Hopefully, it will be reprinted.

Oh, that any of us had this talent....humbling, to say the least.

Click here to read it:

Vanishing Act - Lapham’s Quarterly

Friday, March 4, 2011

Why I Love My Job

I recently worked on something that was more fun that anything I've done in a long time.

It was a commercial and it had a showgirl, a moose, a cheerleader, a Sumo wrestler, a skin diver, a ballerina, a parrot, a elderly church lady, a basketball player, and a few others.

I am bound by a confidentiality thing not to post any of those shots, but here are two of the showgirls, from the fitting, which we did not use.

I love these! I swear, if I was a man, I'd be a drag queen. How much fun we had the day of the fittings. When I'm allowed to, I'll post the rest...

Academy Awards

So. I'm a bit late in posting my take on the Academy Awards. Partially because I was in the middle of a really fun and crazy, Fellini-esque commercial, which featured a showgirl, a moose, a basketball player, a Sumo wrestler, a skindiver, a cheerleader, and lovely elderly lady dressed for church, a ballerina a la Black Swan (ours was a pink swan), a hero guy, a hero woman, and a parrot.

The other reason was because I really couldn't find anything good to write about. The clothes were dullsville. The usually flawless Cate Blanchett wore a horrible violet number that looked like it had blobs of sea urchin sewn on the collar. The newcomer, Jennifer Lawrence, wore a red dress that looked like Pamela Anderson's Baywatch bathing suit. Hot for the beach, but cheap looking.

There were, thankfully, two really good dresses. Absolute opposites, and yet perfect in their beauty and workmanship. One was Anne Hathway's blue Armani Prive. Liquid perfection. She was talking showtime.

The other was Mila Kunis in a pale violet Elie Saab. Divine.

Below are three dresses I wish had made it to the red carpet. All are very beautiful and very much in keeping with the awards.

The first is from Reem Acra.

The second is from Elie Saab.

The third is from Jason Wu.

I really have no idea why actresses can't seem to grasp the idea that pure beauty is enough. They always seem to end up in silly dresses whic, sadly, are wearing them. They have it all backward. Hallie Berry showed up in another one of those over the top cream puff things that looked very dated. There were a lot of fluff and prom dresses, with very little promise.

I'm just grateful we got to look at the the wonderfully handsome James Franco.

THAT was worth the whole dull evening. YUM.